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Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning For Dogs


(613) 728-2951 store line for calling 

(613) 930-2229 cell number for calling or texting 

Karen Jones is a veterinary technician and a master at  grooming all breeds!  

 Call today! (613) 728-2951 store (613)930-2229 cell

nail trims  welcome by appointment  $25

anal gland expression by appointment $25

With over 20 years experience we can offer breed specific grooms as well as customized owner requests, feel free to bring in pictures of the style you want.

Our focus is on offering quality services to dogs in a low stress environment, by playing soft music, having  essential oils, all which help install a calm atmosphere and a pleasant experience. Your dog will have my full attention one on one grooming.


Treat your dog to a therapeutic massage with bathing, a relaxing facial, anal gland checked but not included, ears cleaned, nails trimmed smoothly, hand blow dry, brush out and trimming to your personal preference or breed standard.

Non Crating is an option by request

Grooming Prices range from $75 per hour

Add on charges....extra de matting charges apply if brushing out first before trimming $25

de flea treatment  is extra $25 if your dog is found to have fleas.

NO DESKUNKING available - use vinegar and wipe the dog carefully avoiding the eye area do not add water or it solidifies the skunk hormone, repeat daily for 2 weeks

Nail trimming $25 by appointment ...cut and or smoothed with the sand paper grinder

Anal gland expression $25

Ears plucking $25

Face, feet, nails and fanny trim $55


1 on 1 private lessons while keeping social distance using email, text, phone conversation, video review for each lesson.

 $75/60 min

- one on one with my full attention to suit each breed and each home situation.  Puppy and adult behaviour modification advice.

Canine massage and rehibilation therapy

 $25  added to the groom appointment

​Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning:

No more doggy breath!

Simply put we clean dog teeth,  using only kindness, patience, over 20 years experience, I work with no distractions, so unfortunately you may not be present.

Your dog is fully awake and comfortable.

 Hand  scaling to all sides of the tooth and polishing to buff  smooth , keeping the gum line healthy!

Teeth cleaning clinics held in Mallory town, Ont.

Contact deTails Dog Grooming (613) 923-2235


You can also email pictures of your dog for a quote, please include the left, the right and straight on view of the teeth.

Email to : [email protected]

*If at anytime a problem is found during a routine cleaning, treatment is stopped and you will be informed to visit your veterinary hospital for examination.

*We are fully insured and bonded, we reserve the right to refuse dogs showing poor health or aggressive behavior towards humans or other animals.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to use them again!

Justine Henry - Satisfied Customer


We offer the best quality products and service that are tailored to provide care and comfort that bring  convenience for you and your pet.

Our grooming spaw takes a one and one approach because all dogs are unique in fur, temperament and health.

An accurate price along with suggestions as to which services may benefit your pooch will be provided.  No hidden add on fees!

We are proud to offer a cage less experience...if appropriate in our calm stress free facility!

Pet Love


  We treat obedience as a hobby to be enjoyed by both owner and fur friend not a mandatory schedule.

one on one private lessons $65

phone conversations, email, texting, video review

Board and train 

Cosmetic teeth cleaning

A consultation can be provided to see if this service can safely be completed with an estimate of price.

(Full $75  - $200)

your dog is fully awake and comfortable



Over a 1000 happy tails served.

Breeder and Veterinarian recommended.